The client@firt is our art!

As I worked in Electrical Market Business in Sales, Marketing and Communication for the last 20 years.
I have all the skils for digital marketing and brand empowerment in electric market, industrial connectivity and Industry 4.0 (Iot, ai, so on)
Segmentation of clients, or by zones, by digital cultures or what be better for your business is so critical, think in that question. The experience of the client is everyting.
A CRM should have AI in this days. A pipeline is only as well managed as your salesperson is disciplined.
The experience of the client is everyting.
I was Head of Customer Service – Marketing & Comunicação in Weidmüller S.A. My key functions are to maintain and improve relationships clients, generating sales and potential customers.
Organize all the events and forums. Interface with the media, on-line and print ones and a Digital Marketing enthusiast.
Looking for interesting insights.

client@firt is our art

Main Expertise:
– Digital Marketing SoMe
– Internal Sales
– Brand Management for clients@first
– Marketing & Communications
– Adept of a funcional CRM (is everything in sales)